• Cement, raw meal, fly ashes
  • Multi cells silos
  • Multiple tracks loading
  • Mobile loading devices


  • 24h self service truck loading 
  • Safety equipment included
  • Easy interface with your IT
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Dedusting included
  • Tailored on client needs

Warranty: the duration of the warranty beyond the time prescribed by law (2 years) is subject to the technical assistance contract that the client shall be opting for.


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silo estrazione

Business data processing equipment / erp

Material flow control

H 24

Weighing and delivery

Power control

Mecanical and electrical engineering

Mecanical and electrical erection

Commissioning test



After sale

Transport and loading system to storage silo

Silo bottom fluidification

Fluidization and extraction system

Rotary blower

Service support structure

Weighing system

Protection security system

Bulk loading system

Reinforced concrete